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What Is Vegan Skincare, And Why Does It Matter?

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Vegan Skincare

The awareness regarding climate change and saving the planet is on an all-time high. People are constantly finding ways of helping by adopting habits that are less harmful to the earth. Some are opting for solar panels for heating. Others have turned vegan, giving up meat and dairy. You do not need to wonder about how to do your good deed for the planet. Here's your answer - vegan skincare. So, no need to despair if you can't pledge to turn vegan just yet. You can start with using vegan skincare and still play a crucial role in saving our beloved planet. Here's everything you wanted to know about vegan-friendly beauty products. So, read on.

What is Vegan Skincare?

Vegan skincare products are strictly free of animal by-products. These animal by-products can appear in your regular skincare through different ingredients such as collagen, gelatin, beeswax, squalene, stearic acid, lanolin, carmine, cholesterol and keratin. In fact, go ahead and look closely at the list of ingredients on the back of your current moisturizer, face wash or face cream. You are more than likely to find a few of these in your favourite skincare brand. So, when you switch to vegan skincare, you can be more than confident that these traditional animal-derived ingredients won't be making an appearance there.

What are the Benefits of Vegan Cosmetics and Skincare?

Since vegan skincare products use natural, plant-based, and organic ingredients, they are more likely to be kind on your skin. Additionally, vegan products are high in antioxidants and vitamins, which means getting that dewy and flawless complexion is guaranteed. Moreover, skincare and cosmetics from the vegan line generally don't have too many chemical irritants, making them perfectly safe for sensitive skin. And if you are someone who seems to have allergy-prone skin, then stress no more. Vegan skincare and cosmetic products will have you looking pretty as a picture without causing any flare-ups or severe reactions.

Other Benefits of Using Vegan Products

The fact that these products do not use animal ingredients and are hence better for the planet is something we all understand. But did you know why? Animal agriculture for reasons of food and other purposes like the one above is detrimental for the environment. Did you know that one of the significant causes of deforestation, dead zones in the ocean and pollution, is directly due to animal agriculture? What's more, the method used for processing animals for a host of reasons produces a much higher quantity of greenhouse emissions than the entire transportation sector put together.

In contrast, vegan skincare and cosmetics do not produce greenhouse gas emissions that are a big part of some of your regular and well-known brands. These emissions are incredibly harmful to the environment and further impact the air quality around you. So, not only do vegan products treat your skin kindly, but they also treat the environment and the planet kindly.

Finally, How to Tell if a Product is Vegan?

Vegan products that are certified come with a double logo - vegan action and the vegan society. So, it's easy to identify these logos on the product packaging. It is helpful to familiarise yourself with these logos and look into the ingredients list before picking your next line of products. Most well-known health stores keep a variety of skincare and cosmetic brands that are organic and vegan. So, finding them should not be difficult. It is always advisable to pick these products from stores that have made a name for themselves regarding health foods and other organic and plant-based products. It keeps any guesswork regarding their quality out and ensures you peace of mind.


Vegan-friendly products have myriad benefits to be not considered as a serious option for your regular brand. These plant-based products are a rich source of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that address various skin concerns without being harsh on your skin. Plus, it protects, provides hydration and plumps your skin naturally. If you are still undecided, simply ask yourself this question - what would you prefer on your face? Vitamin C, aloe vera, rosewater. Or, parabens, toluene or polyethylene? We rest our case.

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