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Body Care & Beauty

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Body Care & Beauty


Body Care & Beauty

Foods for life carries a wide range of body care and beauty products that are natural, scent-free and chemical-free. Some of our products are GMO, gluten, dairy, soy-free, vegetarian and vegan friendly. Give your body the care it needs and buy these products from Foods for Life today! 

Skin Health & Anti-Aging

We offer both anti-aging vitamins and natural anti-aging creams. The range of our wrinkle treatment and anti-aging supplements also provide added benefits like promoting the function of youthful cells, reducing inflammation and aiding brain and heart function. Our best natural anti-aging products include trustworthy brands like Andalou Naturals, Derma-E & Skin Essence. For daily skin care, we have brought together brands that eliminate harsh chemicals. If you browse through our products in-store, you will find skin care products in cream, lotion and serum form and also body washes which consist of all-natural ingredients. Go chemical-free and give your body the care it needs.

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Hair Care

Many Canadians suffer from hair loss and thinning hair. Foods for Life offers a range of treatments from shampoos and conditioners to supplements to stimulate hair growth. Shampoo and conditioner brands like Herbal Glo & Millcreek provide the right vitamins to induce hair growth. In addition, we offer hair growth vitamins and supplements that are also beneficial for your skin and nails. There are also home remedies to curb these issues, including coconut oil, henna, garlic, and eggs. Start your journey to eliminate hair loss today. Also check our other hair care products like daily shampoo and conditioners, hair spray, hair gel, and hair dyes. 

Oral Care

There is a way to enhance your oral health naturally, and that is by using natural kinds of toothpaste and mouthwashes. Natural oral care products also help with teeth whitening, tartar control, gum irritation, and fresh breath. We also have solutions for sensitive teeth. Come in-store to check out some of the best natural oral care brands like Green Beaver Company at the best price possible. Good oral care equals good health in the long run, buy these quality products from Foods for life and keep your oral hygiene intact.

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Foods for Life offers the best range of brands in deodorants for both men and women. Additionally, we also offer kid-friendly deodorants that are safe for their skin. Apart from regular deodorant sticks, we also provide premium deodorant creams that are easy to use and safe on the skin and chemical-free. If you are looking for top-quality deodorants from brands like Penny Lane, Routine, Dr. Mist, give us a try!


Foods for Life has a range of natural soaps and liquid hand soaps from leading manufacturers like Buck Naked, The Soap Works and Guelph Soap Company with a variety of scents to choose from. If you prefer body washes we have that too!



Sunscreen is one of the essential additions to your skincare regime. Protect your skin from the scorching sun and avoid sunburns and skin damage. We also have products to help soothe the skin after sun exposure. At Foods for Life, we have brands that offer safe children-friendly sunscreen with SPF 40+ options, water-resistant products and include quality brands like Aba, Green Beaver and Derma-E.


Body Care & Beauty Brands

Below is a list of health and beauty brands available at Foods For Life at discount prices.

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