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Health Foods

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Health Foods


Health Foods


Foods for Life has a large selection of health foods at discount prices.  From dairy to the grocery to vegan products to superfoods we have a wide range of products.

Bakery & Bread

From Gluten-Free to Organic to Artisan Sourdough we have a great variety of fresh breads. Come in and get yours today as they don’t stay on the shelf long. We have breads from quality bakers such as Little Stream Bakery, Stickling’s Organics, Grainfields Bakery, Inewa Bakery, and Organic Oven.

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Almost everyone needs refreshments to kick start their day and keep them going throughout the day. Excess intake of anything regularly can affect your health; that is why Foods for Life offers several caffeine-free teas and organic coffee alternatives. These alternatives come in a range of flavours. Green tea is known to keep your dental health intact, aids in weight loss, and reduces cardiovascular disease risk. We also have brands that provide several herbal teas like chamomile tea, matcha tea, detox teas to keep you refreshed and in good health. In addition to coffee and teas, we also have fruit juice, canned drinks, energy drinks, milk, and non-dairy beverages such as soy, almond, coconut and almond milk. Visit our store and browse through Foods for Life’s extensive range of beverages.  

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Dry Goods


From nuts and grains to dried fruits and beans and pasta, Foods For Life can fill your pantry.  We have a wide assortment of nuts in our bulk bins at discount prices as well as many prepackaged grains and beans and flour.

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Eggs & Dairy

We carry grass-fed organic milk, cream, sour cream, cottage cheese, pressed cheese, cream cheese, goat cheese, quark, yogurt, huslanka, kefir from leading brands like Harmony Organics and MC Dairy. We also have a wide selection of block cheeses and various pastured eggs and ice cream.  If you are vegan or can’t do dairy we have various non-dairy options as well.  


From Bragg’s apple cider vinegar to Nut’s To You Nut butters the store is packed with organic healthy foods with vegan and vegetarian options.  We have baby foods, baking ingredients, canned foods, breakfast cereals, condiments, sauces, ethnic foods, frozen foods, pasta, rice, seeds, grains, snacks, seasonings and spices.   

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Super Foods

We stock many of the nutrient-dense superfoods from Organic Traditions to nourish both your body and mind with super nutrition.


We have a very limited produce selection and typically have just lemons, valencia oranges and carrots by Pfenning Organics.

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Meat & Seafood

We have a limited frozen meat selection and typically have Yorkshire Valley Farms Chicken Drumsticks, Thighs, Chicken Burgers and Breasts and Nutra Spring Farms ground beef, breakfast strips and hot dogs. We have sausage and soppressata from Altobello. We also have smoked salmon from Raincoast and white fish and trout from Manitoulin Island.

Health Food Brands


Below is a list of the health food brands available at Foods For Life at discount prices.

Health Food Brands


Below is a list of the health food brands available at Foods For Life at discount prices.

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