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2 Food Types That Help Combat Acne

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Food Types

Acne is a common skin condition that some of us remember from our teenage years, while some are plagued by what's referred to as adult acne. Then some suffer from summer acne, and some people also have acne during the winter. A large part of acne has to do with hormonal imbalance, and seeking help from a dermatologist is the way to treat them. Equally crucial is to focus on gut health because one of the ways to healthy skin is through a healthy gut. Therefore, what you include in your diet and what you choose to stay away from both play a vital role in the health of your skin. So, without further adieu, here's what you should be focusing on more if you want to keep acne at bay.

Acne often starts from pimples that are inflamed or clogged pores due to an increase of the bacteria that causes pimples on the skin. Pimples are a symptom os acne, and there could be different kinds, including cysts, whiteheads, blackheads and others.

So, before looking at food groups that can help, let's highlight the ones that are not ideal for this skin condition. Most of us know that certain foods like processed sugar, refined carbs, junk food, and soda have almost no nutritional value whatsoever. Of course, consuming these occasionally and in limited quantities is not a problem. But suppose you are currently dealing with new acne. In that case, cleaning your diet and focusing on the food types mentioned below is highly advisable.

1. Food rich in Vitamin A - Food groups that are naturally loaded with this vitamin are great for the gut and play a significant role in combating inflammation which in turn helps fight those pimple-causing bacteria. So, how can you ensure you have enough vitamin A? Easy! The next time you are in a health food store, focus on filling your trolley with fresh fruits and veggies. For instance, get a pack of organic spinach and kale leaves. Add carrots, sweet potatoes and butternut squash to that list. Additionally, tuna is an excellent source of vitamin A; while at it, you cannot forget the mangoes fortified with this vitamin. The vital thing to keep in mind is to eat more food to heal your body.

2. Food rich in Zinc - Food types that are packed with zinc are your best friends in the journey of keeping acne at an arm's distance. Why? Research suggests that zinc plays an essential role in controlling androgen hormones. These hormones are the reason behind excessive sebum release that ultimately causes clogged pores and partly leads to acne. But that's not all! Zinc also ensures better absorption of Vitamin A, which we know is an excellent aid in keeping the gut and the skin healthy. Focus on nuts, egg yolks, green and kidney beans, and spinach; if you feel fancy, go for those oysters—all of these pack quite a punch in terms of being great zinc sources.


Getting the right medical help and focusing on healing food groups is how to deal with acne issues. Finally, it's equally beneficial to do your food shopping from a health food store backed by years of trust and quality assurance.

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