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Vitamins & Supplements

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Vitamins & Supplements

Choose Health, Choose Foods For Life


At Foods For Life, we have the best prices in town on vitamins and supplements. Vitamins are packed in our small store from floor to ceiling and we have an extensive brand selection.  

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What is a vitamin and mineral supplement?

Vitamin and mineral supplements are the additional intake materials you can use to improve your health and boost immunity. These are sufficient to provide you with various nutrients that can also be found in the usual food you eat and are often referred to as multivitamins. You can choose from various forms; they come in the form of pills, powders, chewable tablets and liquids. We carry top Canadian brands like Platinum Naturals, Naka, Natural Factors, AOR, and Organika.

Why take a supplement?

Because We Care About Your Health


You may have already read about supplements and their uses. But, do you know why you should be taking it?

You can get vitamins and minerals from a variety of foods you eat every day. The best way to get these is to take the right kind of nutritious foods like vegetables, fruit, milk, whole grains and alternatives. You can also get the vitamins and minerals by taking protein foods such as nuts, legumes, seeds, fish and lean meats.

But, what people have to understand is that a supplement cannot be a substitute for your unbalanced diet. However, some people do require a supplement to help them meet their dietary needs.

Certain people who require more supplements for their good health include:


The Ultimate Answer For All Your Health Concerns

Weight Loss

Foods for Life presents an exclusive range of products like fat-burning supplements that help slow your body’s fat production and increase fat burning. The natural weight loss pills can help in reducing your appetite and cravings and are also beneficial in protecting your muscles. These weight loss remedies in our store have various forms of supplements such as pills and meal replacement bars.

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You can now buy natural supplements for energy building at your local health store- Foods For Life. We realize that the benefits of a high immune system are many, and thus, we offer supplements that will help you preserve your good health, reduce fatigue, and keep you more fresh and active. These energy supplements are available in the form of pills, liquid or powder. We provide natural energy boosters that are gluten, soy and dairy-free.

You can now purchase energy supplements in-store that are vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Women’s Health

Foods For Life offers various women health supplements in both capsule and liquid form. We offer a variety of vitamin supplements that help during menopause, menstruation, pregnancy and more. Visit our store for a wide selection of vitamins and supplements specifically formulated for women.

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Men’s Health

From dietary supplements for men to natural men’s health products, Foods For Life is the perfect one-stop solution to help men stay healthy! We offer a variety of multivitamins for men over 40, 50 and 60. Visit our store for more information on the variety of men’s best health supplements available. 

Essential Fatty Acids

Foods For Life offers essential fatty acids omega 3 supplements that come in both liquid and capsule form. These supplements will help you with various benefits like better brain functioning and development, weight loss, improved focus, strong bones and most importantly, a strong immune system. 


Foods For Life has the best multivitamins for children in both the liquid and chewable tablets form. 



Last but not least, multivitamins- the most important one. To understand multivitamins, you should first know their benefits, such as being beneficial for increasing your energy, reducing stress, providing electrolytes and maintaining your overall health. The forms of these multivitamins that we offer come in gummy, capsules, liquid and whole food-based.

Buy now the best multivitamins for adults, both men and women and children, from your local health foods store- Foods For Life!

Eye & Vision

Foods for Life has a vast range of natural vision care supplements. They come in the form of both liquid and tablet. 

Cough and Cold

Foods For Life carries some of the best cough medicines not just for adults but also for kids. You can choose from both dry and wet cough medicines. We take utmost care while providing products for kids and thus carry only the best. Instead of capsules, we offer many cough syrups for kids in the Toronto area. 


Are you looking for a complete range of the best detox products at the lowest prices for bowel or kidney cleanse or for a liver detox? Foods For Life offers a range of products to assist you with your body cleanses. We suggest you speak with your healthcare practitioner for information on the types of detoxes and for the most suitable detox diet plan for you. Come in-store to view our selection of detox teas, detox kits and detox drinks.


Tired of having digestive problems? Some common digestion problems are IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and heartburn. The symptoms of a digestion problem include diarrhea, bloating or gas or stomach cramps. Some remedies to keep digestive issues at bay are staying hydrated, and taking probiotics can help with colic, irritable bowel problems and constipation. It can be caused by bacteria in your food, stress, infection or certain medications that you are taking. According to many reviews, probiotics are also helpful in curing gas, cramping and bloating. Always consider your healthcare practitioner’s opinion for more information. You can now buy the best digestion products at Foods For Life. 


Allergy Relief

You may often find yourselves asking the question - what should be done to get relief from allergies? The answer is there are plenty of home remedies available. However, one common allergy relief remedy is eating honey. This is useful in helping a pollen allergy in your body by adjusting to any allergens in your surroundings. Often, for a runny nose, itchy throat and sneezing, remedies are required. Foods For Life offers allergy relief supplements in the forms of capsules, liquid and spray. 


Diets with high fibre levels are advantageous for maintaining bowel movements, lowering cholesterol and controlling your blood sugar levels. The foods with high fibre include apples, carrots, bananas, kidney beans, beets, almonds and many more. If you think that your diet plan is missing the high-fibre it should have, you can get a fibre supplement from Foods For Life. 


Antioxidants help in protecting your body from dangerous molecules. Also, antioxidants have numerous health benefits, including improving your immune system, helping you maintain a healthy heart and eyes, to managing your blood sugar levels. Foods like berries, kidney beans and pecans are high in antioxidants. Vitamin C and vitamin E are known as the best antioxidants for your skin. Foods containing antioxidants and antioxidant supplements are available at Foods for Life, your local health foods store. 

Vitamin & Supplements Brands

Below is a list of vitamin brands available at Foods For Life at discount prices.

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