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The Different Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Vitamin D Deficiency

Out of all the nutrients that we need in our bodies, Vitamin D is definitely one of those we can’t live without. While the go-to choice for anyone you’ll ask would be Vitamin C, the other types of vitamins are also as important as the prevalent ones! They all contribute to the overall function of our body, and if one of them were to be absent, even for a short period of time, we might feel the bad effects as well.

With that being said, we cannot ignore the importance of vitamin D in our lives. We must have a balanced amount in our bodies unless we want to feel the side effects associated with it. These are just some of the common symptoms of vitamin D deficiency:

- Weak Bones

Vitamin D contributes to the overall strength and integrity of your bones. Too less of it, and you might have a higher risk of suffering fractures. You may also have a sudden offset of painful joints since vitamin D deficiency causes osteomalacia or the softening of the bones.

Be sure to have an appropriate intake of red meat, liver, or egg yolks if you want to recover from this condition. Your doctor may prescribe additional medication to strengthen your bones, but they are no guarantee for a speedy recovery. Your diet would really come into play, as well as your regular consumption of meals with vitamin D.

- Lack of Sleep

Studies have found that a lack of vitamin D also contributes to sleepless nights. If you want to regain your strength in the morning, boost your sleep duration with the help of vitamin D. It may even be enough to avoid any form of sleeping pills, giving you a free pass from the side effects in general.

- Random Exhaustion

This is related to the pointer above. You may feel exhausted due to a lack of sleep. But aside from that, you may also feel fatigued even if you’ve had a complete sleep the previous night.

This is because Vitamin D contributes to your body’s overall strength as well. As with the other vitamins, it provides a well-needed boost to your muscles that makes them active throughout the day. While it may seem tempting to take medications and energy drinks to make up for lost strength, the safest way to be active would still be through a proper diet, a regular intake of vitamins and supplements, and exercise.

- Unhappy Mood

Now, there are still arguments with regards to this specific advantage so be sure to look into it from time to time. Researchers are still looking into this claim, but some say that Vitamin D contributes to a much better mood.

A recent study has shown that the presence of Vitamin D in the brain resulted in a more cheerful outlook in life. Of course, you still have to consult an expert to verify where the research stands, but overall, it seems to be a good start for research that deals with proper diet and depression.


If you were to feel any of these symptoms, do not be alarmed. There are a lot of ways to regain your inner balance of vitamin D. Do your best to have a healthy diet, an active lifestyle, and a regular intake of supplements, and you’ll be back on track in no time. Be safe, be healthy, and be positive!

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