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2 Foods That Can Help Fight Inflammation!

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Most of us think of inflammation as pain or the cause behind the pain. And this understanding is not too far away from reality. Inflammation results from the body being attacked by foreign agents like bacteria, viruses, and toxic chemicals, causing injury or sickness and activating the immune system. This beckoning of the immune system to heal and repair the damaged tissues is the purpose of inflammation. However, inflammation becomes an ordeal when it becomes long-term, negatively impacting the body's biological functions. Also known as chronic inflammation, the body remains in the threat mode even when there's no danger and, therefore, unable to stop sending inflammatory cells. For instance, autoimmune issues like psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis result from the body's inflammatory cells attacking itself, leading to inflammation through deformities or joint pains in case of arthritis or scaly and excessively dry skin with red rashes in case of psoriasis.

Health issues linked to inflammation particularly require attention towards nutrition and our foods. You might have seen your GP or medical experts draw attention to the importance of eating clean and relying more on food that heals the body. Naturally, which also means staying away from processed and junk food as much as possible. Things like white bread, too much sugar, processed meats, etc. Additionally, suppose you are living with inflammation. It is equally crucial you start including certain anti-inflammatory foods in your diet that have known to ease specific symptoms related to autoimmune conditions. Here are the ones to keep in mind when looking to support your biological defences against damage. Read on to know more.

1. Ginger: This ancient root has been the superhero ingredient in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines. But that's not all. This well-known antioxidant is a healing superfood that comes packed with multiple health benefits, including anti-aging, relief of PMS symptoms, and digestion. What's more, the benefits of ginger are also well documented in helping fight chronic diseases of the heart and lungs. The fact that ginger is loaded with compounds that help combat stress and damage in the body makes it the star food when combating inflammation. Its versatility is such that you can add ginger to your smoothies, protein shakes, or juices to include it in your daily nutrition. Additionally, use it in a stir fry with vegetables, add a dash of it in soup or relax with the soothing ginger tea. Choose any of the above and experience the many health benefits attached to this anti-inflammatory ingredient.

2. Berries: Another superfood that is loaded comes loaded with antioxidants that help the body keep the free radicals under control. These unstable molecules also referred to as free radicals, have the potential to damage through oxidative stress. This happens when the number of these molecules increases. Hence, these free radicals must be contained. Since berries are a great source of antioxidants, it ensures that we have enough ammunition to fight chronic inflammation. Research suggests that regular consumption of berries, whether blackberries, strawberries or blueberries, can fortify the immune system by providing sound support to vital organs, tissues, and cells. What's more, berries can be consumed on their own. Or if you are someone who gets tempted late in the night and ends up regretting your late-night desserts. Well! Here's a tip that you will swoon over. Take a small bowl of greek yogurt and add a handful of berries, frozen or fresh. Add a swirl of manuka honey and a dash of cinnamon to go! What you have is a power-packed bowl of superheroes with a mouthful of flavours that we know you will keep wanting more!


Food is a significant part of our being. And it's perfectly natural to get tempted and indulge once in a while. For a large part, it's beneficial to use food as a healing agent. Besides, whoever thinks that clean eating has to be dull and without flavours did not taste that greek goodness of yogurt with berries and cinnamon! You will be surprised how many flavour-bursting recipes you will find if you decide to include fresh and organic ingredients.

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