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2 Fantastic Ways Coconut Oil Can Benefit You!

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Coconut Oil

There's hardly an oil that can truly compete with the versatility of coconut oil! It sits far above the rest and enjoys the status of superfood even when such concepts were little known to the world. The health benefits attached to this oil supersedes any other if you are still oblivious to this great product. Here's where it all ends. The ever-increasing fan following of this superfood is there for a reason. Read on to know more about how virgin coconut oil can transform your life and improve your health!

Where Does Coconut Oil Come From?

Coconut gets its name from coco, an old Portuguese word for head or skull. And coconut oil is made from the nut fruit of coconut palm. The oil comes by pressing the dried or the fresh coconut meat, also known as the fleshy part found inside the coconut palm. The medium-chain fatty acids make coconut oil far easier to digest than other fats.

However, it is also crucial to mention that if it's health benefits that you are after, our advice is to opt for the virgin coconut oil! There can be confusion regarding the kind of coconut oil to get, especially with a host of brands that are available in the market today. For instance, you might have wondered about the difference between virgin coconut oil and plain coconut oil?

Coconut oil mainly comes in two kinds - refined and virgin coconut oil. The main difference between the two is the process of extraction.

While the refined coconut oil is made using heat, and then the oil is bleached, also known as the process where the oil is passed through bleaching clay for filtration. This is done to rid the coconut oil of microbes, insects and other dust particles. The refined coconut oil usually has a mild flavour of coconut, which it owes to the dried copra preparation.

Whereas virgin coconut oil, popularly known as the purest coconut oil, comes from mature coconut meat or fresh coconut milk. Additionally, most virgin coconut oils eliminate the use of heat for extraction. Finally, this kind of coconut oil is considered superior to its refined cousin because it does not include any chemical processing, retaining the fantastic benefits and qualities of coconut oil.

Now that you know the difference, let's also familiarise you with its all-encompassing benefits.

1. Excellent moisturizer for sensitive skin and chronic skin conditions- Virgin coconut oil retains the natural antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory qualities. This is why this oil is used to soothe and moisturize dry skin. What's more, sensitive skin and chronic skin ailments resulting from autoimmune conditions seem to benefit from the regular application of this oil. For instance, skin issues like eczema and psoriasis that result in dry patches and scaliness can be managed with virgin coconut oil. Its fatty acids make it easy for it to penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin, therefore, repair it effectively. Finally, because it is also rich in antioxidants and antifungal and antiviral, it is an excellent product for minor cuts, burns and injuries related to scalding—a must-have in your first-aid box.

(P.S) Here's an insider beauty tip straight from the red carpet to your ears. A small pot of coconut oil in your handbags can come to your rescue in more than one way! Pay attention, ladies - from soothing those nasty shoe bites to being an excellent substitute for lip balms. Don't believe us. Have chapped lips. Try applying a layer of coconut oil and see how smooth your lips become.

2. Great for hair-related issues - When looking after your mane, you should ask what can't a good dose of coconut oil cure? It's packed with multiple vitamins and minerals. Not to forget, it's fortified with a range of antioxidants that come with many benefits. Did you know that Asian cultures swear by this oil, especially their beauty regimen? Regular usage of coconut oil as part of hair care and a gentle massage or a hot towel wrap increases the scalp's blood circulation, resulting in long and lustrous hair. But that's not all! It's also considered a natural remedy for early greying and breakage in the hair. Last but not least, it also gets rid of dandruff! An all-rounder for sure!


The list of health benefits attached to this oil is much longer. It's excellent for the health of gums and teeth. It's also used for oil pulling and is an excellent source of good fat. Therefore, considered a great product that aids weight loss. No wonder this oil gets the title of being the lifeline of health. To ensure their quality and get maximum health benefits from this oil, it's essential to buy it from a reputable health food store that you trust.

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