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3 Essential Vitamins You Need to Feel Stronger and Healthier

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Essential Vitamins

Burnout is a real and increasing problem for many people these days. Many of us are going through our days tired, weak, and barely functioning anywhere near optimal levels. A significant factor in our fatigue is a lack of essential vitamins in our system.

With everything that’s happening in the world, it’s not a mystery why many of us are suffering from vitamin deficiency. To combat that burnout and boost our immune system, one may benefit by taking nutritional supplements.

Vitamin B

This one might be a little bit difficult. A vitamin B deficiency begs the question of which one—there are eight types of vitamin B, and they are all crucial for overall health.

Vitamin B is responsible for the body’s maintenance and general well-being. It is essential for many things, from proper heart, muscle, and nerve function, to regulating our nervous and digestive systems. We need it for a strong immune system, good growth, and development.

Vitamin B is present in a lot of the food we eat daily. They also don’t come alone; if there is one B vitamin present, there are likely others. If you’re someone with a vitamin B deficiency, you can take just one vitamin B supplement that already includes all eight B’s in it. Any problems with absorption can be helped with vitamin B12 shots.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is often overlooked, but maintaining healthy levels is relatively easy. Despite that fact, a lot of us still fail to meet the minimum requirements for it. This can be attributed to the fact that widely farmed and transported food does not usually contain much vitamin C.

Vitamin C is necessary for our body to produce collagen, so its lack will lead to various skin problems. Fortunately, vitamin C deficiency can easily be remedied. Proper and regular vitamin C intake leads to good eyesight, a boost in our immune system, and better skin. If there’s not enough of it in our food, we just have to visit any local vitamin and supplements store and get it.

Vitamin D

One of the number one vitamin deficiencies found in Canadians today is vitamin D. Primarily referred to as the sunshine vitamin, it’s obvious why it's harder for us to come by a nice, healthy soak in the sun. Our winters are long and cold. Because of that, it’s even more critical that we find a way to correct this.

One way to do this is by drinking milk that is fortified with vitamin D. For proper absorption, we also need calcium along with vitamins. Once you increase your vitamin D to the appropriate levels, your days will be all the better. Not only will you have stronger bones and muscles, but you will also be at a lower risk for diseases, including cancer and heart disease.


There’s no reason we should let burnout so easily take over our bodies. These are only three examples of vitamin deficiencies that Canadians often overlook, and fortunately, there are easy ways to improve vitamin intake. Aside from consciously eating healthier food, you can opt for vitamin supplements, too!

If you’re from the area of Toronto, visit us here at Foods for Life. We are a local health and food store wherein you can buy excellent food and all the nutritional supplements your body needs!

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