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3 Vitamins You Need For Autumn


Autumn can easily be termed as the most picturesque season of the entire year. The air is a bit crisp but not cold as yet. The leaves instantly start to change colour. And it's in that transition one can find nature emerging ever so serene. The subtlety of this season lies in its ability to prepare us for the colder months. Therefore, one thing you should never forget in autumn is your health! Colder temperatures have an increased risk of illness and infection. That can leave you feeling less than a hundred percent, especially if you don't care for yourself properly. You must stay active and healthy to maintain your immune system throughout winter. What's more, if you truly want to relish the Autumn season, prepare for the challenges that the winter might bring. Then you must look after your health and provide vital nourishment.

So, here's what you must remember when preparing for the Autumn season, especially regarding your supplementation. The list of 3 vitamins and supplements is to help keep your immune system strong during the Autumn and Winter months.

1. Vitamin D: One of the biggest issues is that we spend less time outdoors in the sun during these months than during the summer. This can impact Vitamin D production in our bodies, affecting our bone health and moods. Another vital function of this vitamin is to maintain healthy bones. It is mainly produced by the skin in response to sun exposure; therefore, it is easier to fulfill daily needs during the summer when the sun is most present. Many people should consider taking a Vitamin D supplement for the remainder of the year. If you are over 50 years old, experts recommend taking 800 IU-2,000 IU per day; otherwise, 400 IU-1.

2. Vitamin C: This vitamin is crucial for the body all year round. While it can be found in many foods, supplements can guarantee you get enough during the fall and winter. This vitamin helps build the immune system and boost immunity in winter. What's more, Vitamin C aids in reducing oxidative stress and protects against free radicals. It has been thought that upping Vitamin C consumption will prevent you from getting sick, which has never been proven. Nonetheless, this vitamin is attributed to its easing illnesses when you are sick. And it certainly makes sense to start taking it regularly during the Autumn season simply because prevention is better than cure.

3. Iron: Iron deficiencies are increasingly becoming common, and most go undiagnosed. Hence, you must get it checked out regularly. What's more, as the days get shorter and darker, and mornings get crisper and colder, one can easily blame this feeling of lethargies on such factors. But if tiredness is frequent and you feel run down, you should check your iron levels. If they're low, you will likely require supplementation and a diet with iron-rich foods like spinach, mushrooms and red meat. It's beneficial to take iron supplements to ensure and maintain optimal iron levels in the body.


So, before you truly start relishing the Autumn season, embrace its beauty. It's worth paying attention to the changes seasons bring to our health and overall wellbeing. Our bodies react differently to transition months before winters take over. Therefore, ensuring that your body is vitalized and healthy to weather the challenges of the colder months must be a priority. Eating a healthy and balanced diet is the start of that regimen that gets completed by supplementing your body and mind with the right vitamins and minerals. Our only piece of advice would be to buy your supplements from a store that comes backed by the promise of purity and high standard. Ensuring you enjoy the maximum benefits of your healthy choices.

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