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Common Reasons Why You May Feel Fatigued Throughout the Day

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Feel Fatigued

Tiring yourself out due to work is one thing, but if you still feel tired even when you haven’t been exerting the whole day, then something might be wrong with your body. It’s easy to blame lack of sleep for this, but what if you’ve already had an ample amount of sleep the night before?

People are generally not perceptive about their overall health, that they may find out too late that something is wrong! Indeed, random fatigue is a condition that has plagued many over the years, much so that everyone should know their main causes in order to mitigate their effects in their daily lives.

The following are just some of the most common reasons for random fatigue amongst people. Take note of them as they may still affect you, regardless of your age and gender.

- You Do Not Have Enough Exercise

People who feel fatigued are often those who sit all day on their office chairs. While we definitely can’t blame them for focusing on their work, it should be a rule of thumb to stand up and stretch out at least every thirty minutes. This is done in order to maintain proper blood flow and muscle movement even when you’ve been sitting for quite a while.

- You Have Anemia

Anemia is a condition where your blood has low levels of hemoglobin. It is a very important component since it carries oxygen throughout your body.

If your organs do not get supplied with the ample amounts of oxygen that they’d need, they may get weak, resulting in your overall feeling of fatigue. You may consult a health expert with regards to taking a few health supplements to make up for those lacking hemoglobins.

- You Tend to Eat More Than What You Sweat Out

The common misconception about carbohydrates and proteins is that they contribute to your overall body weight. While this is true on some occasions, we must not forget that staying fit is also a matter of adding exercise to your daily routines. This means that it will always be converted to fats regardless of your preferred nutrient intake if you do not work out regularly!

Balance out your daily activities and food intake so that you would be able to burn some of the nutrients that you consumed by eating. It is much better to "convert" them into energy than store them as body fat.

- You're Not Getting Enough Vitamins in Your Body

We’ve discussed balancing your food intake and exercise; now, it’s time to add more supplemental help to your body. Having an ample amount of vitamins each day would not only give you that well-needed boost for your daily activities, but it would also contribute to the overall wellness of your body.

- You Are Not Hydrated Enough

Usually, your stomach would digest your meals and convert them into nutrients, giving you all your needed energy for the day. However, this is often made difficult with the absence of water.

You should at least drink about eight to ten glasses per day in order to rehydrate and allow the nutrients to flow easily in your body.


There are a couple of reasons why you may feel tired, even though you haven’t even started working yet.

Analyze your lifestyle and diet. If you lack exercise, supplements, and hydration, then it may be time to change a few things. Remember, health will always be wealth, and you need to resolve any health concerns at the first sign of trouble. Have a proper diet, work out during weekends, and add a couple of vitamins after every meal to ensure that you would always have that well-needed boost whenever and wherever.

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