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3 Amazing Skin Foods You Should Not Miss

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Skin Foods

Since time immemorial, humans have been chasing the fountain of youth. Primarily the quest has been about delaying old age and somehow freezing or at the very least stalling the clock. But what if a youthful and supple appearance is possible naturally, even though we are in the age of derma fillers, botox and cosmetic concoctions. Are you intrigued? Good. If you want to know what to include in your daily diet for that natural glow and spotless skin that Cleopatra was renowned for, then read on.

1) Dark Chocolate

It could already be high on your list. But if it's not, then listen up. Dark chocolate with 70 percent cacao is a must in your pantry or fridge. Not only are these packed with antioxidants. But also is a rich source of flavonoids, an anti-ageing nutrient that helps fight wrinkles, keep scarring at bay, and boost blood circulation. And that's not all! Flavonoids are the superhero that fights free radicals and protects your skin against UV damage, skin pigmentation and discoloration that makes you look older than you actually are. But don't just take our word for it. The benefits of dark chocolate high in flavanols are backed by research. Claiming that people who consume it saw a remarkable difference in their skin texture, making it smooth and hydrated along with reduced redness and inflammation. What's more, eating chocolates is the best way to release endorphins into your system. What's not to like about this fantastic food?

2) Green Tea

Another superstar ingredient for limitless benefits for the mind, body and more! While the world is not oblivious to the wonders of green tea when it comes to boosting brain function, along with keeping your belly and love handles in check. It's still being discovered as far as the beauty industry is concerned. Its excellent skin benefits do not stop at providing protection against melanoma, also known as skin cancer. But the polyphenols and catechins, simply known as antioxidants found within, are your most trusted warriors against premature ageing, acne and healing damaged skin.

What's more, green tea is packed with vitamin B2 that keeps your collagen level optimal, resulting in that dewy and supple look you are after. So, include this magic potion into your daily routine. Having it as a morning drink or a mid-afternoon beverage makes for the perfect timing to enjoy this skin booster. Since it has caffeine, it's best not to take it closer to bedtime. But if you are into green tea masks, apply away at night and wash before you hit the bed. A win-win for your skin all the way.

3) Chia Seeds

Finally, no conversation on superfoods is complete without the mention of this superfood. Chia seeds are a celebrity in their own right. And why not? These tiny black and white dotted seeds are known for their richness in iron, potassium, vitamin C & A. All excellent nutrients, known to increase skin elasticity and luminosity behind youthful and younger-looking skin.

It is also a front runner in fighting free radical damage that occurs due to UV exposure. Being rich in Omega 3, chia seeds keep you safe from those dreaded wrinkles and fine lines. And that's not all! Yes, these tiny oval-shaped seeds are also famous for reducing inflammation in the body and healing your gut. A happy gut is equal to happy skin. Including them in your diet has never been easier. Add two spoons into your protein shake, sprinkle it over your breakfast porridge or indulge in some midnight chia dessert. Not will your sweet tooth be satisfied, but your skin will thank you by gorgeously glowing in the morning.


Not only are these amazing skin foods easy to incorporate into your daily routine, but they are also readily available in food health stores. Needless to say that the potency and purity of these foods will depend on where you buy them from. A well-known health food store will keep premium products that are GMO and pesticide-free and offer a range to choose from. So, what's stopping you? Start with these superfoods and claim the skin of your dreams.

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