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3 Benefits of CBD Oil You Should Know About!

Updated: Aug 24, 2022


We are all constantly looking for ways to 'improve' the quality of our lives where the feeling of well-being prevails. Eating healthy, looking after our physical and mental health, reducing inflammation and aiming to live a whole life with positive experiences are a big part of who we are and where we eventually want to arrive! And when the goal is to lead a healthier life, alternative therapies backed by science have shown the way forward. One such treatment concerns CBD oil - a product that promises not to disappoint, especially if you seek relief from chronic health conditions like pain, anxiety and inflammation.

Here's What You Need to Know About CBD Oil

Cannabis oil describes a liquid or soft solid extract from the cannabis plant. Cannabis oils can vary in potency, depending on the extraction process and method used. It contains the chemical compound used by people to get high, THC. However, CBD, unlike THC, is not psychoactive and is used for physical health benefits. Hemp is beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety, fighting depression and relieving pain. Here's how CBD can help you improve your health. Read on to know more.

1. Regarding anxiety, CBD oil is an effective solution. The compound has been shown to calm nerves and reduce stress. The Brazillian Journal of Psychiatry studied anxiety related to a public speaking event in its subjects containing 57 men. While some were given a placebo, and others were given different dosages of CBD before their speeches. It was found that the group which received 300 milligrams of CBD claimed to have experienced a significant reduction in anxiety during the public speaking test than those who received a higher, lower or placebo dosage.

2. PTSD can be a debilitating condition affecting millions of people worldwide. Did you know that a recent study found that nearly 9.2 percent of Canadians will suffer from PTSD in their lifetime? Flashbacks and nightmares are common in people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. According to scientists, CBD oil, when coupled with therapy, has shown promising results in patients living with PTSD. In fact, the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine points to a study where eleven people with post-traumatic stress disorder received CBD along with routine psychiatric care for eight weeks in an outpatient psychiatric facility. Their findings confirmed that not only was CBD well tolerated in the trial study, but ten patients with PTSD experienced a decrease in their symptoms related to the condition.

3. Cannabidiol (CBD) oil may be your answer if you're looking for a natural way to combat pain. There's a reason why it is experiencing a surge in popularity, primarily due to its pain relief property. So how can CBD help with chronic pain conditions? Well! It helps by reducing inflammation and swelling in the body, which is one of the significant causes of pain. It may also help decrease anxiety and stress, known contributors to pain problems. Moreover, CBD oil works locally rather than systemically (meaning it doesn't go throughout your entire body), so it's easy to apply directly where you need relief without worrying about side effects or interactions with other medications or treatments.


It shouldn't come as a surprise that CBD oil is increasingly viewed as an effective means to manage chronic conditions of pain and for those who live with mental health issues like depression and anxiety. But choosing an oil wisely is essential, as quality, dosage, and efficacy can vary significantly among products. It's always advisable to buy health-related products from food store brands backed by years of experience and trust.

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