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3 Benefits Of Almond Butter You Should Know About

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Almond Butter

The only thing better than butter is almond butter. The world has long moved on from regular butter, and it's time for the nut butter to take centre stage. But as the saying goes, not all nut butter was created equal. The shining glory of this line of butter rightly belongs to almond butter. And if you are unfamiliar with this health food, worry not because we are here to introduce you to its stellar nutritional profile. So, brace yourself and read along.

1) Booster for Your Brain & Heart Health

Almonds are packed with Omega 3 fatty acids that have a crucial role in supporting brain function. The antioxidants found in this help reduce inflammation in the body, delaying age-related cognitive decline. Vitamin B6 and zinc contribute to protecting brain cells from possible damage caused by bacterial and viral infections. But that's not all. Almond butter is also a source of monounsaturated fats that significantly reduce LDL or bad cholesterol. It raises HDL or good cholesterol in the body, ensuring heart health by reducing the chances of diseases related to the heart. But that's not all. Remember the Omega 3 we mentioned above? Apart from guarding the brain, it also protects the heart by preventing irregular heartbeats, medically known as arrhythmia.

2) Protects Bones

Almond butter also happens to be a rich source of calcium. It's not for nothing that it enjoys a superior status amongst all nut butter. The calcium found in almonds is highest compared to any other nut. And we all know the significance of calcium for healthy bones and teeth. But what's so brilliant about almond butter is that if you are a vegan or have a dairy allergy, you do not need to compromise your health. Two spoons of sugar-free almond butter can give you eight percent of your daily calcium requirement. Go smooth or go crunchy. We bet there isn't a more tempting and tastier way of getting your calcium.

3) Keeps Hunger Pangs in Check

If you are after a healthy, satisfying, creamy or crunchy snack that will not break the scale, then almond butter should be your one-stop snack. The high fibre content that's found in it keeps you feeling full for long. What's more, the richness of the butter keeps your temptations regarding high-calorie processed foods in check. The fact that almond butter is a source of healthy fats acts as an appetite suppressant. It is slow-digesting, therefore keeping your hunger pangs in check. And since it's rich in vitamin E, that radiant skin is not going anywhere either. The next time you are binge-watching your favourite show. Here's an idea, get some celery sticks, apples or plain rye seed crackers and spread a layer of almond butter on it and enjoy guilt-free snacking.


A simple swap in your diet can benefit you beyond body and mind. But before you rush to the nearest shops to get a tub of almond butter. Remember that it's best to buy from a reliable and well-known health food store to ensure quality and purity. You don't want your almond butter hiding sinister ingredients that aren't supposed to be there. And with the right kind, you can live the saying, "Eat butter first, and eat it last, and live till a hundred years be past."

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